There’s no doubt that video marketing is an important strategy to promote business growth. However, many companies overlook the critical step of setting up a video marketing plan. This means that some opportunities for reaching consumers and promoting the brand will be lost. As a result, many companies aren’t getting good value for many from their video marketing campaigns. Here at Oh Video, we are experts at video production, editing, and marketing. This is our guide to help you set up a video marketing plan.

Why video?

The first step is to plan out why you are using video. Don’t be tempted to jump to video for every idea you have. Often, companies use video when a small piece of text and graphics would have worked equally well. The idea of video marketing is to further what you can offer to viewers, not just offer them a video of what they could have read. Make sure the content you have planned for video is something that can really add a new dynamic to your web site.

Who is watching?

The audience is of upmost importance. And yet, many companies simply neglect to take them into consideration. As a result, they experience a high bounce rate, and lose out on potential sales or conversions. Avoid this mistake by really concentrating on your audience. What do they expect to see? Why are they watching the video? What do they hope to learn from it? Answer these questions in your marketing plan, and keep them in mind for every video you post.


Video marketing is a lot more than just producing a single video. However, many companies simply don’t have the time or the resources for a long and continuous strategy. Consequently, it’s a great idea to have a timeline of content that can be posted in the future months. If budget is an issues, you could make a timeline for 12 videos to be released once a month. Whatever you decide, your timeline needs to consider releases of new products and services, existing contracts your company needs to fulfil, and the budget.

In summary

Establishing a video marketing plan is a key step to success. As a result, you should take into consideration the purpose, audience and the timeline of your video marketing. If you need professional support, why not contact us at Oh Video today?