Video marketing is one of the fastest growing and developing areas of marketing.  Easier to digest than block text, video content is being watched on a more regular basis than ever before. Here at Oh Video, we are experts in video production and marketing and this our guide to help you market your video.


Setting a budget for your video marketing campaign is essential to the success of your business or company. Many methods of marketing your video are completely free, and this is why video marketing is a perfect tool for all businesses. Your budget will determine the remaining choices available to you, which is why it’s important to start with this.


Before promoting your video or attaching it to your website, make sure you test it first. Customers expect video content that is responsive, adapting to whichever device they are using. Not only does your video need to play on multiple devices, it also needs to look great on these devices.


Advertising or promoting your video on your own social media page is completely free. This means that you could be advertising to hundreds of people even on the smallest video marketing budget. Using the same video for each of your free social media platforms is a great way to boost exposure and your potential customer base.

Having said that, if your business wants to reach thousands of people in your local area, you may need to put in some cash. For example, you can pay a fee to Facebook or Instagram, who will make sure your video appears in the news feed of local people. Alternatively, you can pay to advertise on YouTube, the second largest search engine available.


conversion ratio

Once your video is out there, make sure you monitor viewing statistics and click through rates. You need to know how many sales your video content is generating to justify your video marketing budget. Video marketing is constantly adapting and developing, so staying on top of latest developments is also an ongoing task.


In summary

Setting a budget, testing your video, deciding on a launch platform, and analyzing the statistics, are all big parts of video marketing. To make the most from your video campaign why not contact the professionals at Oh Video today?