Video advertisements are used constantly from our television sets to our social media platforms, our smartphones and our video content, stream billions of videos a day that are specifically created to sell a product. How can you make sure your company stands out amongst this sea of white noise? How can you make people want to look at the products you are providing? Here at Oh Video, we are video production and marketing specialists, and we would love to help you create the perfect video platform to advertise your product or services.

Design considerations

A video advertisement that presents not only your product but also your company in a good light is essential for the success of the business overall. The design considerations will include:

  • The quality of your video- a higher quality video that appears professional, well filmed, and well edited, will attract new viewers and set a high standard for your company
  • The colours and fonts- the colours and fonts chosen should be the same as those used in the company branding, on the website and in the physical presence of the business. This design choice will present the video content as part of the company as a whole and can improve sales.

Social considerations

People, in general, are sociable. As a species, we like to share experiences and we have the ability to empathise with other people. A good video advertisement will play on this aspect which can dramatically influence sales.

  • Share widgets– Facebook, twitter and other social media icons have become second nature to viewers and it is what they expect. Allowing viewers to share your video will not only give you free advertising but also encourages social psychology
  • Connected– producing an advert that promotes empathy, or encourages the viewer to feel positively can be a successful tool for video advertising by enabling people to feel positive emotions attached to your company or brand.

In summary

There are several areas to consider when planning, producing and marketing a video advertisement, including both design and social aspects. For all your video marketing needs, contact Oh Video today.