YouTube is an incredibly popular video channel. In fact, it is actually the second largest search engine, after Google. Once you’ve put the hard work into producing an amazing video, uploading to YouTube is a no-brainer. But how do you produce a video trailer, specifically designed for YouTube? Well, here at Oh Video, we are production and marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you make a great YouTube trailer.


A great trailer will use characters successfully. Character relationships add a dynamic to a trailer that encourage the audience to want to know more. Consequently, characters are the hook that can draw in viewers.


Good trailers use interesting aspects of the storyline to create intrigue. The audience like to be left wondering, so don’t give too much away. For this reason, editing trailers takes a lot of skill.


Making the audience want to know more is essential for a trailer. Highlights of the larger video can be shown to promote this interest. However, if you give away all the highlights, the audience may be disappointed in the whole version.


Set the tone for the trailer by using music and text. Speech is also a great way to introduce the trailer.


For a trailer to be successful, it needs to be the right length. A video that is too long will not be watched to the end, while a video too short won’t have the same effect. Planning your trailer is essential to make sure you get the right length.


Testing your trailer before release is a great idea. A test audience can help you make the best possible trailer.

In summary

There are a range of steps to consider when releasing a trailer video. These considerations include character, story, highlights, tone, and length. Editing a trailer can be challenging and takes a certain skill set. Why not contact the professionals at Oh Video today?