With video content as well as video consumption ever increasing, the need for video marketing has never been stronger. Video content promoted on the right platform for the chosen demographic, with a good story line and great presentation can really benefit your company or business by promoting an awareness of your brand, product or service. Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing experts so here are some tips to help you make the most out of video marketing.


Using video to educate potential consumers is great. People are more likely to remember something that they watch and listen to, than something they simply read, and almost every consumer would agree that watching an informative video is helpful when making decisions regarding purchases. In 2015, Google revealed that “how to” searches had increased 70%, so why not create your own “how to” video and draw in some of those searchers.

Call to Action

Always have a call to action. Whether you put a link to your website or landing page at the end of the video to take viewers straight to your page, or you use the whole video as a link that when clicked on will open your website in a new tab, or you simply use a call to action button throughout the video, it is imperative that you use one. Leaving viewers to make their own way to your website, or to phone your company, is a risky strategy. Adding a call to action button is much more likely to draw the viewers in to make a sale.


Videos showing genuine customers that are happy with your work can really promote the reliability and trustworthiness of your company or business, while also connecting with the viewers on a personal level as they are likely to empathize with the clients reviewing your product or service.

Overall, there are so many positives for video marketing. Video content that informs or educates the viewer, or presents a real and genuine testimonial, while including a call to action button, is likely to be incredibly successful. To kick-start your video marketing campaign why not contact us at Oh Video today?