It’s a bit of a trick of the trade, and we sincerely hope that none of our future video interviewees are reading this, but there’s a very simple method in getting the perfect, natural video interview, testimonial or opening statement from a client.

It may well be one of the first things you learn at filmmaking college – but it works.

Once the cameras have been set up, and the interviewee is in position, get the cameras rolling without the client being aware, and ask the client to quickly run you thorough what kind of things he or she will be talking about during the interview.  Ask questions and get natural answers, just like you would during normal conversation.  Crack jokes, have a laugh, let your client be as natural as possible.  Try to get as much dialogue between you and your interviewee as possible.  He or she will oblige, after all – the cameras are not on yet!

Of course, the cameras are on.  And by now you’ve probably got all the video footage you need to edit a great video testimonial, interview or demonstration.  And the finished edit is sure to be natural, professional and engaging.

We’ve employed this simple tactic countless times, with amazing results every time.  It’s a video shoot method that takes all the pressure away from the client, speeds up the video shoot and creates a great end video product.  Take a look at our video showreel for some great examples of this.

It’s amazing what great video footage you can get from a client when they aren’t aware that you’re filming.  Some of the best statements, smiles, and natural body language has been filmed by us in this way.  If you are considering video production for your Manchester based business, we’d love to try this method with you too!  It works perfectly for training videos, corporate films, product demonstration vids, promotional videos – basically every type of video you can think of.