For many companies and businesses, video marketing is a great option that can help to reach new audiences, and seriously improve sales and sign ups. But once you’ve made a couple of videos, and these have achieved good results, it can be hard to come up with new ideas for content that will be relevant to your company, and still say something new. But if regular video content is something your company wants to work with, you will need to overcome this ideas block, to really achieve your aims. And here at Oh Video, we could be the perfect team you need. From pre-production support, to professional video production, editing and then marketing, we are with you every step of the way. As a result, we have produced this this guide to how to generate new ideas for your video content.

How to generate new ideas for your video content

So, how can you continue to produce fresh, new and exciting ideas for your video content, instead of rehashing the same old thing? Well, there are a number of thing you could consider, including:

  • Your current performance and analytics data
  • Your potential customers opinions
  • Your competitors content

Your current performance and analytics data

By looking at the success of your company or website so far, you can establish any areas that might need improvement. Maybe your sales are hitting targets, but actually none of your website users are checking out your company story. Or maybe your website users simply aren’t sticking around on your homepage for very long. Whatever your area for development is, video can be a great tool for success. Video captures attention, but crucially, video content is much more likely to retain this attention, when compared with text or an image, so this makes video much more effective for getting your message across.

Your potential customers opinions

If everything is looking good analytics wise, and you are hitting all your targets in each area, you might think about asking for the opinion of your potential customers. Try a social media poll to generate ideas from people who already follow you, and then create a video based on the topics or areas that your customers would like to know about. Even a series of FAQ videos can be an incredibly engaging and effective addition to any FAQ page on your website, as well as making for great content on your social media platforms. Live video content on social media is also something that you shouldn’t overlook.

Your competitors content

If all else fails, it can be a good idea to check out what your competitors are filming. Whether you provide products or services, you are probably in competition with another company, even if they are not local. Checking out the level of engagement on their video content, and seeing what type of content they are covering, can help to indicate any topics or areas that your company could also film.

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