As the obvious importance of video in marketing becomes more and more apparent, lots of marketing professionals are turning to video to enhance their marketing efforts. Embracing video is not as straight forward as people think though. When you start to consider the huge amount of camera equipment choices, editing solutions on the market, the tricky field of audio enhancement and lighting – it’s clear that there are some real barriers to getting started with video.

On the plus side, it’s a lot cheaper to get started in video production than it was say, 12 years ago. With that in mind, here are some great tips for filming and editing excellent marketing vids…

Pre-production for Marketing Videos:

Put together your script or storyboard

If your marketing video is truly going to deliver the perfect message and achieve results, detailed planning and preparation is absolutely key.

So, well before you start to get your camera kit out of the bag, sketch together a basic storyboard, and write your script. Your storyboard will help you visualise the various angles and shots you’ll be filming, whilst your script will make it easier to layout the screenplay.

video production storyboard

Your story board really can be just a very rough sketch. Don’t worry about your drawing skills, just as long as your storyboard helps you visualise the progression of your video, and the various shots, angles and dialogue throughout.

It’s so worth spending time planning your shoot in this way. It’ll save you a lot of time later by reducing the risk of you missing essential footage that you later come to rely upon.

Be thorough with your interviewees and presenters

Spend time talking with your various presenters and interviewees. From your storyboard and earlier preparations, you’ll have a good understanding of what your finished marketing video will look like. Make sure everyone else has a good idea too!

Don’t forget the B-Roll!

Often in marketing videos, the shot will cut away from the presenter to show additional footage such as product shots, office premises, branding – that type of thing, whilst the audio from the presenter continues. This type of footage is known as B-Roll footage, and it can really help to add variation and depth to your marketing video. Basically, B-Roll footage could be described as secondary footage, where the primary footage is the main presenter of the video.

You can find great stock B-Roll footage for things that are difficult to film yourself for any reason.