Video marketing is one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas of the technological marketing sector. Almost everyone has video content as part of their online strategy, but video is not a magic bean that will automatically improve your sign ups, build your following or promote sales. Here at Oh Video we are known as video experts and if your video is not making the improvements you thought it would, we have some tips that may make all the difference.


Whatever your competitors are doing, you need to top. This is hard to do if you are shooting your videos and uploading them without researching the methods other, similar companies are using. In addition, researching the different choices and platforms for video promotion and to help catch more viewers and potential customers is essential to make sure that you are directing your video marketing in the direction of success.


Choosing the best platform for your demographic is one of the most important steps for success for video, to make sure your video is seen by the viewers you need. For example, the demographic of Instagram users is 95% 18- 35-year old’s and if you are using Instagram to promote a video for a retirement home, you are aiming in the wrong direction. Finding out the key stats about different platforms is essential if you are to be successful.


Short, Snappy videos are the best way to make sure people watch the whole of your video. If you are using social media and you aren’t getting many viewers, try a shorter or edited version of the video and see if your viewing numbers increase. Generally, they will.

Call to action

So you created an amazing piece of video content, promoting a product, service, business or company in general; you post it on the company website, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, yet for some reason your video isn’t pulling in the consumers to the company website. One mistake that many companies make is allowing the video to fade to black. Instead your video should end with a call to action button which takes viewers directly to the website either to join the mailing list or to the online shop. After putting all your effort into creating a video with great content, it only makes sense to direct the viewers directly to where you want them to be. Don’t leave it to chance.
We hope these tips can help you make your video a success.