Search engine optimization is the best way to ensure that your video tops the rankings of relevant searches. Everyone knows the top video will get the most views. As a result, optimizing video is one of the questions we are asked about on a regular basis. Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing experts. Consequently, we have produced this guide to answer the popular question: how should I optimise my video for SEO?

1. Make a great video

Content quality is one of the top factors for Google. The ranking algorithm will reward websites with top quality content. This is the same for videos. As a result, your first optimization step is actually through the production process. Create the best video, and the rest will follow.

2. Think about SEO when uploading your video

Use keywords when you upload your video. This will help google understand the content and topic of your video, and be able to properly rank it. These keywords should be applied to your video file name and video title, as well as the meta description and alt tag if possible.
In addition, a subtitles file should be created. This makes sure that your video will be accessible to all viewers, while also informing Google about your content.

3. Make your thumbnails stand out

how should I optimise my video for SEO

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Now that might be a famous saying, but I am pretty sure that marketing threw it out the window. If you want people to view your video, you need to make sure your thumbnail is stunning. People will be much more likely to click on a high quality thumbnail, with an image relevant to their search. As a result, when your video pops out in the ranking lists, more people will click through.

4. Get as many views as you can

Google will increase your video ranking if it has a lot of views. As a result, you should share your video through as many channels as possible. From social media, to direct marketing, the more viewers the get, the more successful your video will be.

In summary

Optimizing video for SEO has a number of different paths. Begin by ensuring that your video is top quality. Next, upload using keywords and descriptions. Then, choose an interesting and relevant quality image for your thumbnail. Finally, share your video and boost its ranking. We hope our guide has answered the question: how should I optimise my video for SEO? For all your video marketing requirements, contact us at Oh Video today.