Creating high quality, stunning commercial video is an effective way to gain attention, and grow your business online. But there are a range of factors to consider before you jump in at the deep end. One of the key factors is the timing of the video. Whether you are producing an explainer video, or a promotional video, you need to get the length of the footage just right. Too short and you wont get your message across, but if your video is too long, it simply wont be watched all the way through. In fact, videos longer than 2 minutes long, on your landing page or your social media, are unlikely to be watched through to completion. Here at Oh Video, we are video production and video marketing experts. We work with business owners across the region to develop and implement incredible video solutions. So, how long should your commercial video be?

How long should your commercial video be?

The length of your commercial video will depend on a range of factors, including:

  • the purpose of the video- an explainer video for example will probably be longer than a teaser of your new product.
  • the platform you plan to use share your video- for social media, commercial video lengths could range from as little as 6 seconds, to 2 mins, while YouTube videos can be much longer

Videos that should be under 2 minutes long:

  • Tutorials/explainer videos. These videos work more effectively if they are shorter in length. So even if you have a lot to say, you are better off making a series of short videos, than one long one. Otherwise your audience will simply become bored. These videos should range from 45 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Testimonial video content. Testimonial content can be a little longer than a tutorial or explainer video. This is because your potential customers need time to really engage with your previous customer, and really believe in their testimonial. As a result, this video content should aim to be around 2 minutes long.
  • Video advertisements. Video content for social media and YouTube ads should range from 6 seconds to a whole minute. A perfect 30 seconds is usually spot on.

Can longer videos be effective?

Longer video content should not be ruled out altogether though. In fact, they can even be necessary for a range of video content types. These are usually most effective as secondary video content, once you have grabbed attention with the short video opener. At this stage, customers are already interested, and they want to know more. Which means they will be focused for a longer period of time, and be more likely to enjoy your more detailed video content.

Videos that can be over 2 minutes long:

There are a range of commercial videos that will be more successful, running for a longer period of time. And these include:

  • Product demonstrations that go into detail about new features or services. These videos are likely to be watched either by interested new customers, or existing customers you have already engaged. As a result, you can push the length of these videos, because your users are already willing to invest more time and effort into watching your video content.
  • Inspirational content with incredible storytelling can be a great way to raise concerns about serous issues, but also to showcase some of the good causes your company supports. And videos like this deserve a longer time-frame. As long as your storytelling is exceptional, your viewers will be more likely to watch till the end, even if it is longer than the expected 2 minutes.

For professional advice or support related to producing longer videos, why not contact the experts today, here at Oh Video.