Producing high quality video content can be a great way for companies and businesses, no matter their size, to increase their sales online. But why is video so effective? And will the reward of more sales, outweigh the cost of production? Well, the key thing to remember is that this video content needs to be professional, and top quality, to be effective. And here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading professional video production and video marketing experts. We work with companies and businesses across the North, including Sheffield and Leeds to provide high quality video solutions. And this is our guide to increasing sales with video marketing. So, how can video marketing increase sales?

How can video marketing increase sales?

Video marketing can have a profound and positive influence on your sales and profits. And there are a range of different ways to use video content for this purpose. So why is video marketing so effective? And how does video marketing increase sales? Well, this happens for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Reaching potential consumers on a range of platforms
  • Appealing to your demographic with the right content style and tone
  • Effective company branding

Reaching potential customers on a range of platforms

Video marketing is a fantastic tool for reaching customers on a range of different platforms. This includes social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, search engines like YouTube and Google, as well as your own website. Video content can also be directly emailed to your marketing list, which may well include the email addresses of several potential customers.

Ultimately, video content is a medium that people want to see and engage with, The number of videos watched daily across social media is staggering, and if your company are not competing for attention across a range of platforms, you risk missing out on sales and sign ups.

Appealing to your demographic

Video marketing can be so effective at increasing sales because the video itself resonated with the audience. There is not much point to a video produced for the sake of producing a video. Instead your video content needs to be thoroughly planned and designed with your audience in mind. Create the type of content they want to see, with the themes that resonate both with your audience, and with you as a company. Whether its reliability, integrity, or honesty, create content that will promote these shared values, and you will be able to build a connection to your audience. This connection is the basis for any action your potential customers take.

Effective company branding

Finally, video content that makes a difference to the profit margins, is video that is well branded. People like to know who you are, and what your company is about. Include a wide range of company branding techniques throughout your video content to increase the effectiveness, and potential, for your sales targets.

If you need help or advice, or if you would like support with your own video marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Oh Video.