When it comes to commercial video content, there is rarely any content that comes close to the influence that testimonial videos have. We often try out new things, based on a recommendation from a friend or work colleague. And video testimonials work the same way. If someone stumbles across your video testimonial on social media, or your landing page, they are more likely to remember it, and your company, the next time they need to use a service like yours. So whether you own a local garage, or a nationwide chain, creating a strategy for testimonial videos should be top of your to do list. Here at Oh Video, we work with small to medium sized businesses and companies across the North West,  to produce high quality videos and video marketing support. As a result, we have produced this guide to video testimonial strategy.

The importance of a testimonial strategy

A testimonial video should make viewers feel confident about buying your product or using your services. As a result, it can be used a powerful conversion tool. As such, you shouldn’t just wing it when it comes to producing your testimonial video. It should be carefully planned with measurable and achievable goals and outcomes. Otherwise, how will you know it has been successful?

Common components of a successful testimonial video

So, before you begin formulating your strategy, you need to know what you are aiming for. High quality and effective testimonial videos often:

⦁ Showcase the real customers who are representative of your most relevant target audience or demographic
⦁ Present a specific problem that your product or service can solve more effectively than anything else available
⦁ Provides evidence to show how your product or service is better than anything else
⦁ Demonstrates the key benefits of your product or service in action
⦁ Has a clear call to action

As a result, your testimonial video strategy should follow these points, joining them together into an effective video.

Choose a customer

When you are choosing a customer to base your video around, you need to make sure that they are typical of your target audience. They need to be instantly relatable to the new customers you are aiming to attract. And they also need to be comfortable on camera, and be able to tell the story.

Focusing on just one main person throughout a testimonial video can be more personal, and can allow your audience to form a connection with the storyteller. This will improve the chance of your testimonial video leading to conversions.

How does your product fix the problem?

If your storyteller is providing a problem, and your product or service is part of the solution, you already have a simple and straightforward storyline to follow. This kind of plot is also fantastic for viewers to follow too, and will keep them watching.

As a result, you need to figure out how to accurately portray your product providing the solution, in an engaging and thoughtful way.

Then introduce the evidence

At this point in your video, some people might be feeling skeptical. This is where your evidence comes in. You need to include the proof behind your product or services success. What sets you apart from your main competitors? Why should people choose you? And where is your data to back that up?

Focus on the benefits

Throughout your video you need to make sure you only focus on one or two of the key benefits. If there are many more, produce another video. Focusing on just one or two is a great way to make sure people take away a straightforward message from your testimonial, without becoming confused.

The Call to Action

This is incredibly important, because no matter how good your testimonial video is, your viewers will not click through without a prompt. In fact, in some cases they cant click directly to your website, without the right button. So make sure you include it somewhere that is easy to see.

Call to action buttons at the end of your video will lead to the lowest click through rates, but these are more likely to be interested customers.

In summary

A testimonial video strategy needs to consider the story and the solution, and how your product or service fits into that. For expert advice or for professional testimonial video creation, get in touch today, here at Oh Video.