When it comes to creating an amazing company video, you might think that the video production is the key. However, video marketing is equally important. After all, whats the point in a video that nobody ever watches? This would be a waste of your video budget. But what does video marketing entail? And how can I be successful? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing company. As a result, we have produced this guide to video marketing success.

guide to video marketing

Top tips

When it comes to video marketing bear in mind these top tips:

  • Nearly four times as many people prefer video content to textual content
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos they enjoy with others
  • Video increases conversion rates by more than 60%

Finally, what you need to remember is that video marketing needs to come before, during and after production. Many companies make the fatal mistake of thinking that marketing the video is simply something that comes after production. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to producing your video, you need to be aware, and plan to meet various marketing points including video length and content. Otherwise, you will have a more difficult time when it comes to marketing.

Guide to video marketing success

Make sure you research the type of content your consumers want.
Most people dont want to watch a sales pitch. Instead they want content that will make them laugh, or feel a connection to the company. So, put your product to the background and tell the human story instead.
Demonstrate how it works.
If you are launching a product or a service, make sure you create a how to video. Video is a much better tool for explaining things to viewers, and many people wold rather watch than read. As a result, 30% of YouTube queries are actually “how-to” searches. Now there’s a bandwagon to jump on.
Keep it short.
A video of 2 minutes of less is what you should be aiming to produce. Make sure you can say everything that needs to be said in this time frame and keep your content focused and to the point. In fact, you need to work hard in the first ten seconds! Before your viewers get bored.

In summary

When it comes to video marketing, make sure you consider the key aspects throughout the production process, not only afterwords. Otherwise you may be disappointed. Our guide to video marketing success has including researching, how to videos and the video length. If you need more advice or if you are looking for a professional video marketing company, contact us today, here at Oh Video.