When it comes to producing video content, delivering your message tends to be verbal. But what about those people that are watching content at work, or in a public space? How will they know what your video is about? As more and more people are choosing to turn sound off on their videos they watch, how can you get the most out of silent video? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to silent video.

guide to silent video

Why silent video?

Trying to watch a video in the office while feigning work isn’t easy. It is ten times harder when you factor in sound. After all, I’m sure the whole office doesn’t want to be distracted by the latest funny video. This is where silent video comes in.

Silent video falls into 2 categories, video content that has sound, but is easy to follow and understand without sound, or video footage that has no sound at all. It may seem slightly bizarre to create a video that people don’t need to listen to, but actually 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound! In fact, Facebook video footage auto-plays without sound and the viewer has to toggle the sound on.

So if your video doesn’t make sense with the sound off, you could be ruining your opportunity to target potential customers.

Tips for producing silent video

But don’t worry. There are actually some fairly simple ways to make your existing video content easy to follow without sound. These include:

1) Editing your content to include text captions indicating the main points being discussed.

2) Adding keywords to the video in certain places where the message may get confused with no sound.

However, some videos are just too complicated to turn into silent videos. For these you may need to think about breaking your content down into easy to understand segments. Remember, your social media video footage should be less than 3 mins and preferably less than 2.

When it comes to creating video that can be viewed without sound, remember:

⦁ to include a lot of visual queues and graphics to help the viewer- don’t just caption a talking head as this will be visually boring

⦁ if you are explaining something, show the viewer the steps you are talking about

⦁ make use of textual graphics in your video

In summary

Silent video is increasingly important for viewers using social media. Our guide to silent video has covered transforming videos into suitable silent content, and producing silent video from scratch. If you need professional video marketing support or advice, contact us today at Oh Video, Manchester.