Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s favourite video production and marketing professionals. As a result, we are always on top of the latest trends and patterns in video marketing. Turning your blog content into a video is one such trend. But what can this achieve? And is it effective? This is our guide to restyling blogs with video.

guide to restyling blogs with video

Why video?

The first question you need to look at is why video?

Well, video content and consumption is ever increasing, making YouTube the second largest search engine in the world! Consumers are informing leading researchers that they would rather watch content, than read content, and that it helps make information easier to digest.

As a result, transforming your tired old blogs into video content seems like a great idea. Well, here are some key considerations to bear in mind.

Facebook and blog traffic

Once you have transformed your dull blog content into an upbeat and interesting video, you will no doubt share it on Facebook. This is great for boosting social media presence, engaging with potential customers and raising your business profile. There is no doubt that your video, if it is top quality and engaging, will receive a lot of attention.

However, a Facebook video doesnt often result in driving a lot of traffic to your blog, no matter how compelling your link is. This is related to the browsing habits of people using social media. Often it is a relaxing activity that they dont want to have to think too much about. As a result, they dont often navigate away from the news feed, especially if they havent yet caught up with the days events.

Consequently, we feel that producing Facebook videos produces a lot of attention, but this should be a standalone video project, not one that is focused on driving traffic to your website.


Another common place to upload your video is YouTube. This is great to add to your company channel and build your video base. It also means you can simply embed the YouTube video in your blog posts.

In addition, optimising YouTube video content is simple and easy to do. This means that people searching for relevant video content can easily be directed to your content, and may well follow the call to action to check out your company blog or website. As a result, YouTube video success is built on people that are already engaging with the relevant topic, and providing them with top quality and impressive information.

In summary

Producing video content to revamp your tired and dull blogs is a fantastic way to add new video content to your companies video base. This will help attract customers and show your professionalism. Our guide to restyling blogs with video has explored the success of Facebook and YouTube as additional platforms to publisice new video blogs. We have concluded that while Facebook videos may get more attention, YouTube videos make use of an already engaged audience that will be more likely to check out your website.

If you need professional support to turn your blogs into video content, contact us at Oh Video today.