Video content is growing in both user demand, and importance for business growth. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s favourite video production and marketing company. As a result, we know what it takes to create top quality video content that really stands out. This is our guide to producing an effective video.


Adding Value

guide to producing an effective video

Any video you produce should have the aim of adding value to your company. Whether that is to create sales and convert viewers to customers, or it’s to boost your brand awareness and target new potential future customers. Before you begin producing, you need to know what value this video will be adding to your company. After all, you don’t know your video is effective unless you have a goal to work towards.


Before production begins, every member of your team needs to know exactly why they are there.

During production, a production team needs to act like an well oiled machine, and there should only be one person there to take charge. As a result, production will run smoothly, take less time, and cost less money.

In addition, a team that really works well together will play to the individuals strengths. This means that lighting, sound, location, scripting, and filming will be effective. An effective team during production leads to an effective finished product.


One of the most important steps to producing an effective video is to edit the footage well.

Once you have planned and collaborated the only thing left is to edit the footage. A good video will be well edited with no jumps, pauses or anomalies that could effect the professional appeal of the video content.

In addition, editing can include adding text or captions. This can help to produce a more effective video as it reduces the reliance on sound alone to deliver your message. Captions are a great way to make your video stand out.

In summary

Our guide to producing an effective video has included adding value, collaboration, and editing. Contact us at Oh Video, Manchester, for any and all of your video production or marketing needs.