If you are a small or medium sized business, the results of video cannot be ignored. With huge improvements in conversions just from adding relevant video content, it is not surprising that the amount of video content online is ever increasing. But what about embedded video in email? We all know it can be a huge boost to the number of emails opened and read, but is video in email always the best idea? Here at Oh Video, we work with clients from Manchester to Leeds to provide a top quality video production and video marketing service. As a result, we have produced this guide to embedded video in email.guide to embedded video in email

Using embedded video within an email

Placing the video in an email is a great way to engage directly with your customers. Landing in their inbox, people are more likely to open an email if they can see it has video content. This works especially well for informational video content, or for thank you messages.

Because it is marketed directly at individual customers, you can also personalise the video content you send to their inbox. This is a great way to surprise and delight your customers, and improves brand positivity.

Using an email to lead to a video

Video in email might be a great way to improve your customer relations, but, if you have a video that needs action taking at the end of it, it might not be the best method.

For example, if you are advertising the latest product, your customers may be compelled to purchase this. But a video in email with a call to action button underneath is a lot less effective than a video and call to action button on your website. Remember, when people are viewing video in an email, on a mobile device, they wont even be able to see the call to action button.

As a result, why not try using quality images in your email, to direct your customers to your website, to check out your latest video? This also has the added bonus of improving your video analytics data too.

If your video marketing needs support, or you need to produce professional video content, contact us today at Oh Video.