Whether you are producing an explainer video, or a promotional video for social media, the timing of your video is really important. Too short and you wont get your message across, but if your video is too long, it simply wont be watched all the way through. In fact, videos longer than 2 minutes long, on your landing page or your social media, are unlikely to be watched through to completion. Here at Oh Video, we are video production and video marketing experts. We work with business owners across the region to develop and implement incredible video solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial video lengths.

Why so short?

When companies consider the length of their commercial video, they are often shocked by how short it needs to be. So why are most videos so short? Well, its all about user engagement and the data video marketers receive. This has revealed that essentially, the longer your video, the less likely it is to be watched to completion. While more than 80% of people will fully watch 30 second video, only 66% of people will watch a 2 minute video to completion. And these percentages decrease as the time of the video increases.

This lack of attention comes down mainly to the amount of time people have to watch videos during their day. For example, if a potential customer comes across your video during their dinner hour, do they really want to spend 5 whole minutes watching the same video? Or would they prefer to keep on scrolling and engaging with content that is shorter and shareable? Well, the figures speak for themselves, in that most people will keep on scrolling.

However, the length of your video also depends on the platform, and the purpose. So how do you determine the time frame to aim for?

Short video lengths

Tutorials/explainer videos should range from 45 seconds to 90 seconds. Although this seems like a short time, you are better off making a series of short videos, than one long one. Otherwise your audience will simply become bored.

Creative commercials like those we see on social media and as YouTube ads should range from 15 seconds to a whole minute. A perfect 30 seconds is usually spot on.

Testimonial videos should aim to be around 2 minutes long. These can be a little longer, because it will give time for the audience to engage with your previous customer, and really believe in there testimonial. Too short and they might just skip past.

So, when is a longer video effective?

Although short videos are an absolute must for landing pages and social media, longer videos are also sometimes necessary. As the customer becomes closer to purchasing an item, signing up, or contacting your company about your services, their attention will be held for longer periods of time. This means that you can provide a slightly longer video at this point.

Longer video types can include:

Product demonstrations that go into detail about new features or services. These videos are likely to be watched either by interested new customers, or existing customers you have already engaged. As a result, you can push the length of these videos, because your users are already willing to invest more time and effort into watching your video content.

Inspirational content with incredible storytelling can be a great way to raise concerns about serous issues, but also to showcase some of the good causes your company supports. And videos like this deserve a longer time-frame. As long as your storytelling is exceptional, your viewers will be more likely to watch till the end, even if it is longer than the expected 2 minutes.

In summary

Video consumption is only increasing, but your audience is only willing to spend a short amount of time watching your content. Especially on social media. As a result, you need to produce content that is not only engaging, and suitable for delivering your message, but content that is also less than 2 minutes long. Unless your video will be aimed at existing customers or particularly interested potential customers. Audience members in this category will be more willing to put more time into watching your content.

For professional advice or support related to producing longer videos, why not contact the experts today, here at Oh Video.