We’re pretty sure that by now we’re all aware of the marketing potential of social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  With millions of active daily users, your prospects are already there and ready to communicate with.

If you’re in business, you’ve probably already got yourself a Facebook page and Twitter account and you may well be wondering how to go about growing your subscriber base so that you can communicate your offers, promotions or services further down the line.

So here’s a great video marketing tip that will help you grow your audience, introduce your business, strengthen your brand and build trust, all in one foul swoop!

If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be amazed at the interaction caused by running a simple Facebook competition.  Even a basic image or text based Facebook comp that encourages your audience to like, share or comment on your post in order to win something can have a huge impact and cause a real stir within the community, particularly if you choose to invest in boosting your competition post for a few quid per day.

We’ve seen our clients Facebook page likes double, triple, quadruple and more, simply as a result of offering an incentive for their audiences to interact with their posts.  It’s exciting, and the results can be staggering!

Now, take this a step further and imagine running a Facebook competition which uses well produced video to introduce the competition, talk a bit about the business itself, and to put the brand out there to the market.

For the viewer, the credibility of the competition would be infinitely improved, encouraging more of your prospects to enter, to share and to interact with your video post.  Your video and in turn your business, your brand and your message will undoubtably achieve incredible exposure throughout your social networks.

When you consider also that your video competition can be targeted to very specific demographics such as area, age groups, trends, likes and so on – you’ll understand how your video can be designed to deliver the perfect message in line with your target market.

Best off all, this type of video marketing needn’t require the services of a professional video production agency such as ourselves, you really could produce a video fit for purpose on a basic digital video camera, or even a decent phone!  However, the high quality finish that a professional team can offer can make all the difference!