A long, long time ago in a business community far away, it was common practice to keep your trade secrets and “tricks of the trade” a well kept secret.  Being the proud owner of insider knowledge meant that you could out-perform the competition and lead the way in your industry.

Nowadays though, things are much, much different.  With the rise of the internet and in particular the popularity of video streaming platforms such as YouTube, the answer to pretty much anything we’d like to learn about is already out there for people to find.

With this in mind, if people are actively looking for answers or tutorials on subjects relating to your business or industry, it makes a lot of sense for your business to be the one that helps them out.

As an example, lets say that you are a florist and you know that people often ask you how to arrange a particular type of bouquet.  Chances are that the same question is asked into Google or YouTube.

So, should you publish a video on the subject of “How to arrange a wedding bouquet” for example, then uploaded it to YouTube, and in turn embedded the video within a blog post on your website entitled “How to arrange a wedding bouquet”, the chances are that people will find your video, either on YouTube itself or via your blog, and stick around to watch it.

What we are doing here is driving traffic to our videos and web pages, and giving the visitor a reason to stay with us whilst they are engaged in the video.  Driving traffic via video to pages of our websites other than our homepage shows Google that we are a great source of information, and we get ranked higher as a result.

Not only that, but also should our video content be enjoyed by the viewer, it will almost certainly be shared across the viewer’s chosen social platforms, creating valuable social links back to our website.  We may also get subscribers to our video social platform or website itself.

Becoming the leading authority on your industry using video as a perfect delivery tool is within your grasp, and the benefits of doing this are enormous.

If you have a business in Manchester, Stockport or the North West and you’d like to talk with us about video content or video marketing, please do get in touch.  We know a thing or two about marketing.