Year on year Facebook has witnessed a decline in text and an increase in communication via pictures and video. The trend towards the visual has led Facebook executive Nicola Mendelsohn to predict the future of Facebook as video only.

This shift towards video has been coming for some time, although the speed of progression has perhaps shocked even the most savvy Facebook users. In a world where we are inundated with information coming in the form of text, images and video, the easiest for us to absorb is probably video. As video production and editing becomes easier and more available to a wider audience, an increasing amount of people are turning to video to share their experiences, while more and more companies and businesses also utilise video content.

This revelation may not be news to regular users of social media who have witnessed first hand this progression,but in terms of video marketing, what are the implications for a video only future?

Stay Competitive

Firstly, companies and businesses already utilising facebook’s video marketing have an advantage. They are already building a following and staying on the cutting edge of technological advances, showing their potential customers that they are on-trend and relevant. If your company wants to stay competitive, the sooner you board the Facebook video trend the better.

Build A Following

Utilising video marketing via Facebook allows your company to build a following, before your video becomes white noise amongst all the other videos available on the Facebook platform. In the modern era of marketing, building a following is almost as important as sales conversions. The more popular your brand appears, the more people interacting with your business via social media, the more likely you are to attract new customers and make more sales. If Facebook is to progress to video only, you need to get your videos out there, the sooner the better. A strong following will help your brand to succeed after the big video switch.


Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. If your company will be producing video content on a regular basis for Facebook, then your staff need to be prepared. Training is essential for all staff throughout the organisation so that your business can choose video editing software appropriate to your hardware needs, and can learn how to present the best possible image of your business online.