Video and Facebook are both essential for business success. But how can you combine the two successfully? And does Facebook really have a place in your video marketing strategy? Here at Oh Video, we know how confusing it can be for smaller businesses to navigate social media and video. But we are video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to Facebook facts for video success.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has 1.8 billion monthly active users! This makes it a huge platform to reach potential consumers. Not only do these consumers regularly use Facebook, they also engage with companies through Facebook. This makes it a perfect choice for businesses hoping to raise the company profile through video.facebook facts for video success

Facebook facts:

  • Huge consumer reach. As discussed, Facebook has a massive consumer reach. In terms of your video success, this means that your video will quickly spread among people with similar interests. This is especially true if you make the most of paid Facebook advertising.
  • There is an optimal time. Analytics have shown that the majority of interest and engagement with your Facebook video will happen within the first 5 hours. For your business, this means that you need to monitor the statistics related to the time of day that you upload your video content, and the engagement. As a result, you will be able to establish a schedule for video release on Facebook, that will generate the most interest.
  • Interaction with Companies. With nearly half of all Facebook users following company and business pages, two way interaction is growing. In terms of your video content, this means that people already have a great response to companies on social media. Consequently, you can expect that uploading video content can result in building an online community.

In summary

Video content on Facebook can really boost your companies online presence, and as a result, boost sales. For all your video marketing needs, contact us at Oh Video today.