The amount of video consumption is consistently rising, day by day and year on year. As a result, it is clear to see that video is now a huge part of web marketing and content marketing. Not only that, visitors to your website have come to expect video content, and it improves user experience. But what kind of content makes for good video? And how can you turn your written content into excellent video content? At Oh Video, we are video production and video marketing experts, and we work across Manchester and Leeds to produce amazing video content. Consequently, we have produced this guide to explainer video production tips.

explainer video production tips

What is an explainer video?

Video content can be difficult to navigate. Knowing which type of video content to produce and promote is important for your video marketing success. Out of the range of video content types, explainer videos are often the most successful.

An explainer video takes a complicated or challenging idea and explains this through video. Companies and businesses use this for:

  • explaining the different steps involved in the services they offer
  • explaining something detailed about the industry specifics or the market they work in

Explainer videos are incredibly effective as they combine visual instructions or demonstrations with text and audio to create very effective guides. This is much more effective than just using simple text.

Explainer video production tips

So, how do you make sure you produce a top quality explainer video? Well, here are some explainer video production tips:

  • Try to focus on small steps- Dont make big leaps in instructions or demonstrations as people will struggle to follow these. Instead think about producing a series of explainer videos and instead target one small area at once
  • Put the viewer first- Although you will have your own goals to achieve, the needs of the viewer should always come first. This will really help make sure that your video performs well.

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