Video content is undoubtedly the most effective web content type available. But how do you know people are actually watching your video interviews, or promotional content? And how can you tell if your video marketing is a success? These are questions we get asked a lot here at Oh Video. As Manchester’s favourite video marketing experts, we work with companies and businesses across the North, to produce and market top quality video content. As a result, we have produced this expert guide to measuring video marketing success.

What is your aim?

The first step to measuring success is to decide what it is you are aiming for.The most popular reasons include building brand awarness and generating sales.

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can decide on a metric to measure.

Brand Awareness

Video content is great for building brand awareness. You can reuse video content across social media channels and reach a huge audience. This can be further increased if you pay for your video to be “boosted” on platforms such as Facebook. But how will you know those viewers are now aware of your brand?

Brand awareness is quite subjective and as a result it can be hard to measure. However, there are some tell tale signs that give great clues about how well your video is performing in terms of boosting brand awareness. These include:

  • Viewer interactions- If your viewers are interacting with your content, for example, leaving a Facebook reaction, it is pretty obvious they watched your video content.
  • shares- If people are distributing your content on their own social media platforms, by sharing your content, then you can rest assured that the company brand is achieving recognition.

You can measure the success of your video by monitoring video views. This will provide quantitative evidence regarding how many people have watched your content. However, some people may not have watched the content until the very end. As a result, you should always take care when using this as a measurement for video success.

Generating Sales

Video content is also used for generating sales. In fact, around 70% of people say that video content helps them to decide whether to purchase a product or shop with a company. But how do you know if your video content is having the right impact?

expert guide to measuring video marketing success

If you add video content to a product landing page, and the conversion rate increases, there is evidence of a direct positive correlation.

Alternatively, video content displayed on social media or other pages of your website may include a call to action. You can measure how many people clicked on this link and continued to a sale using your website data. Of course, the more people who follow this link, the more successful your video marketing has been.

In summary

We hope that our expert guide to measuring video marketing success has been helpful. If you need professional guidance or support for your own video marketing, why not contact Manchester’s experts today, here at Oh Video?