Engaging your customers has never been easier. Video content is widely consumed and can be manipulated to fit any context. Giving businesses and companies the opportunity to reach out to consumers, video is an amazing marketing tool. Here at Oh Video, video marketing is our area of expertise. This is our guide to help you make the most out of video content.


So you have a great video, but where should you put it? As the second largest search engine, YouTube is the home of Internet video. Uploading to YouTube is a simple step by step process. As a result, it is one of the platforms your company should definitely take advantage of. In addition, YouTube comes with a range of built in functions. Make use of these to promote your video to a wider audience. The more people you reach, the More customers you can convert. Consequently, successful companies make use of YouTube, and you could too.

Video in email

If your company keeps a track of previous customers and has a client mailing list, your video marketing campaign can be fast tracked. This is because an email sent out to your mailing list containing an embedded video is easy to do, and reaches a. Audience already interested in your products or services. Video in email also provides the opportunity to personalise messages, and make your company more personable. Customers are likely to appreciate the additional thought and it’s a great way to bring previous customers back to your business.

Social media

Wide ranging, free, and easy to use, social media is one platform that is guaranteed to make your business grow. Uploading video content is easy, and your customers will love to check out what you have to offer. With social media continuing to grow, investing in video content for this platform will also enable your business to develop.

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In summary

The features and functions of YouTube and promote your video and help you gain customers. In addition, marketing your video directly to existing or previous customers can also bring in more business. Finally, making use of social media can advertise your company and business, and help you gain customers. Why not look at hiring a professional team to help your video marketing soar? Contact us at Oh Video today.