Whenever you create amazing video content, you know it needs to stand out from the crowd. No matter which video type you choose, whether its an interview or an animation, it needs to be impressive and professional. The same can be said for the video thumbnail that you produce. This is something that is easily and often overlooked, but it can have a huge impact on the success of your video. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s video marketing and video production experts, and video thumbnails cross the boundaries of both. As a result, we have produced this guide to effective video thumbnails.

effective video thumbnails


A video thumbnail is what will show up in the search engine results page. Whether this is the YouTube search engine, or Google, your video thumbnail is all that a viewer will see. As a result, it is essential that you make this eye-catching. Colour, font size, font style, and image all have a role to play in creating effective video thumbnails, and consequently, this is something that should take some time to decide on.


The importance of faces in video is clear for viewer retention and interest. However, although this is common knowledge in relation to the video content, it is rarely applied effectively to video thumbnails. An exception to this is the media giant Buzzfeed, who often use faces in their video thumbnail.

Using faces can lead to more effective video thumbnails. This is because people make connections with other people, and will instinctively be drawn to the thumbnail.

Company Branding

While your video may be produced in line with the rest of your company branding, your video thumbnail also needs to portray this. This is because your thumbnail will be seen before the video, and if people do not associate it with your brand, they may not play your video. As a result, making use of good company branding in your video thumbnail, will actually improve the effectiveness of your thumbnail.

In summary

Making an eye-catching video thumbnail that also uses faces and branding can lead to more effective video thumbnails. If you are looking for professional video production or video marketing advice or support, contact us today at Oh Video, Manchester.