Video content can be used by commercial businesses for a variety of purposes, including advertisements and marketing, as well as customer reviews and informative pieces of content. And these can be used for either social media platforms, your website landing page, product/service pages, or even your YouTube channel. Video has grown in popularity because of its ability to engage with the audience and deliver a clear message. But if you want to make the most of video content for your business, you should consider working with a professional team. In fact, there are a range of disadvantages of DIY commercial video content. So what are these? And why should avoid a DIY approach? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing specialists. And we have the tools and skills to help your business succeed with video marketing. In fact, we work with companies around the region, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Stockport and Manchester, to deliver effective, high quality video marketing solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the pitfalls of DIY commercial video content.

What are the disadvantages of DIY commercial video content?

There are a number of disadvantages to making your own video content as a company or business. These disadvantages include:

  • Time- it takes a lot of time to get the video content you want. From the planning and storyboard stage, to the location, lighting sound, and filming, before finishing off with post production and editing, you could be looking at potentially hundreds of hours of your time, that could be spent on your business directly. Not to mention the prolonged period of time it will take you to film without the professional equipment and advice you might need, which can also cut into the working time of your employees, who may be part of the video project. Ultimately, it will save your business a lot of unnecessary time wasting, if you work with a professional team.
  • Lower quality- without professional equipment and experience your commercial video content is likely to be lower quality. And this will be clear to your audience. Whether it’s the lighting that’s off, or the sound that’s poor, or even the message delivery itself, making your commercial video wont lead to positive, professional results. And this can have a knock on effect on your conversion ratio, and your product sales.
  • Not meeting customer expectations- because of the increased popularity of professional, commercial video content, your audience, and potential customers and clients, have certain expectations for commercial video that they watch. And if your video is not professional, and high quality, the chances are that your video will not meet these. And as a result, this can lead to customers forming poor opinions and impressions of your company, and have a negative impact on your company branding, as well as your profits.

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