For companies and businesses in all sort of industries, making a presence online is a big goal. But some companies feel that their company is just too boring, or dry, to appeal to a large audience. But could video marketing liven up your brand? Well, many companies like these actually opt to go without video marketing. But this can be a big mistake, and a missed opportunity. Here at Oh Video, we know that no company is too boring for video marketing. In fact, video content can be incredibly useful for making any company and any industry, more interesting. As a result, we have produced this guide to video marketing to liven up your brand.

Could video marketing liven up your brand?

So, can video marketing make even the most dull topic interesting? Well, the simple answer is yes! High quality video content will be captivating and engaging, regardless of the topic. It’s all about the planning, the filming and the editing. In fact video marketing can:

  • highlight the “best bits” of your industry or products, rather than emphasize the day to day parts.
  • make your company more interesting, simply by using video content
  • inform and educate your audience

Highlight the “best bits”

When thinking about video marketing for your company, its easy to think that there is simply nothing to film. But that’s just not the case. Whether it’s completing a project, getting planning approval, or securing a new contract, every success your business achieves is something to share. And its these successes that will become the backbone of your video content.

Video is interesting

Video content itself is interesting. So if your company uses video content to show off services or products, or even just life behind the scenes, your company will become more interesting by association. Consumers love video content as it helps them to make decisions about trusting companies and service providers. And more videos are watched a day now, than ever before. Your company, however boring, could take advantages of this.

Video can inform and educate

If your industry is complicated or complex, and that’s why you think it wont be user friendly, think again. People love watching videos to learn, and that’s why “how to” videos are the most frequently searched videos on YouTube.

But this is not restricted to complex professions. People like learning new things, about subjects they didn’t know before. No matter how dry or boring the content may be. In fact, the self titled “most boring YouTube video” has almost 500,000 views! If 500,000 people are prepared to watch 7 minutes of paint drying, they will be fascinated by any content you can create. And at the same time, you can use your video marketing to educate and inform consumers, as well as to sell your products. This can be very influential.

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