We’ve been astounded by the sheer number of phone calls, emails and enquiries that we’ve had this month via our website.

From global marketeers asking us about branded 360 degree video production, to budding film makers looking for  rewarding careers, we’ve been chit-chatting away all month about the wonderful world of video!

But why have we had so many enquiries via our website?  How is that possible?

Well, take a look more closely at our website.  You’ll see that it is packed with video content, unique written content and that it is designed to create a great experience for the visitor.  All things considered, we’ve done everything possible to prove to internet search engines such as Google, that we’re the best possible source of written and video information about video production in Manchester.  And so, Google has chosen to show ohvideo.co.uk first to people searching for video related search terms in the Manchester area.

Using great video content to gain outstanding exposure online is not rocket science, in fact it’s not technical at all. It just takes a bit of thought and common sense to figure out what type of video content is going to be of use to people in general. If you produce video content that is valuable to your visitors, that answers questions that they may have, or helps them learn how to do something, your video content will be watched, shared, bookmarked and linked to – piling on the credibility and respect that search websites such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google have for you.

Your useful video content will encourage people to stay on your website, explore more of it, visit regularly and talk about it on social platforms. This is all a recipe for great internet exposure, a fantastic reputation as quality video content providers and will work towards your organisation becoming the leading authority in your field.

If you run a small to medium sized business in Manchester, Salford, Stockport or the North West and would like to talk with us about how video can take your business to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.