Company video production has never been in higher demand than it is right now!  With the vast majority of businesses marketing efforts being online and digital, company video production is an effective and crucial way to help deliver your message, encourage sales and grow your business.

We’re Oh! Video Ltd! Manchester’s favourite company video production team! Great to have you with us!

We’re a small team of creative video nerds (there’s just 3 of us), but between us we have a massive 20 years experience in digital marketing and a master degree in video and film making! We also have 14 years experience in running small businesses so we really know what makes companies tick when it comes to digital and video marketing.

We’re not necessarily looking to provide company video production services for the blue chip’s exclusively, rather we’re loving working with everyday small to medium sized businesses who just want (like us) to utilise creative digital techniques and video to help grow their businesses, strengthen their brand, improve their customer experience – that type of thing.

What kind of company video production services do we provide?

Here’s a typical company video production example:

The majority of the videos that we produce for businesses are short introductory videos intended to feature on the home page of our clients websites. Usually lasting 3 minutes or so, this type of video helps our clients to connect with their prospects by introducing the proprietor, the products or the services – essentially allowing their website visitor to connect with the real people behind the business, building trust and encouraging telephone and email communication.

We also find ourselves producing short product demonstration videos, videos featuring client testimonials, and lots of other variations on that type of video theme.

In short, we’re open to anything. If you have ideas for your own company video production, we’d love to chat with you about them, and help you realise your video concept.