Everybody loves to follow the crowd, and sometimes we don’t realise that it can be bad for you, especially your videos. Your videos are supposed to represent you and your brand, not be a re hashed version of someone else’s. Below are a few marketing clichés to stay away from, because trust us, nobody wants to see the same thing over and over again.

Too much Jargon

Using too much jargon can leave your viewers confused, and they won’t actually know what your company does. Keep things simple and straight to the point, if they understand what you’re saying, then they’ll understand what you’re selling.

Incorporating a Popular Song

Choose a song that will relate to your audience and is unique to you and your brand, picking a popular song that doesn’t fit in with your business will only heighten your audience’s confusion and it won’t work well with what you’re trying to say. You want to trigger a connection with the people watching and choosing a lesser known song will do this.

Vague Messages

Avoid using images and messages that are too vague for your audience to understand, they will become bored and uninterested, you need to be clear and concise about your business.

Featuring an unknown Founder

By featuring your business’s founder or Director you strive to become more human and relatable to your audience. If you feature someone who is unknown or uncomfortable, it’s an immediate turn off for both your audience and your video.

Make sure you also stay away from technicalities such as editing too fast, using words and sentences out of context, displaying logos and images without text or information and repetitiveness – although this can be useful in some cases, people don’t want to be hounded with the same sentence all the time.