Producing a high quality video is only the beginning of our support, here at Oh Video in Manchester. We can also help you market this video too. So that the potential customers you need to attract, will definitely be watching. And one aspect of this is making sure that your video thumbnail grabs attention. After all,  whenever you create amazing video content, you know it needs to stand out from the crowd. And the same can be said for the video thumbnail that you produce.  As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing a video thumbnail.

The importance of choosing a video thumbnail

So why would we be spending time considering the thumbnail, when we should simply be producing a video? Well, the fact is, if you want people to actually watch your video, you have to make your thumbnail appealing, and interesting enough for your potential audience to want to click to play. You need to compel your audience to action. And this can be a real challenge. That’s why your video thumbnail needs to be able to:

  • attract attention from the users
  • compel users to click play
  • stick to company branding


Attract attention from the users

Whether your video is shared on a social media platform, your website itself, or even YouTube, all that users will see is the video thumbnail. And too many companies simply choose a still of the video itself, instead of creating a cover image, title image or something unique, that will actually grab attention. But because your video will surrounded by a thousand other distractions, including those in the digital world, and the real world, you need to really grab users attention. Otherwise they may never even watch your content. As a result, when choosing a video thumbnail, you should:

  • use a contrasting colour for the background of your thumbnail- so that it will stand out against the background of the page it is displayed on
  • use a large font size and style that is easy to read if necessary to use text at all
  • choose a high quality, high resolution image

Compel users to click play

Once you have their attention, you now need to compel your audience to press play. And one of the easiest and most successful ways to do this is to use a human face on your thumbnail. This is because people relate to other people, more so than abstract images or words. And so the face of a person on your thumbnail will naturally pique the interest of your audience, and make them want to find out more about your video.

In addition, because we are all “wired up” to see faces, your video will stand out on any page.

Stick to company branding

While your video thumbnail may need to be bold, bright, and make use of people, it also needs to be in line with company branding. This is because, even though your video might be full of branding, users will be less likely to click on a video when they are not 100% sure of the source. So by neglecting your company branding on the video thumbnail, you could have less people clicking to play the video itself.

If you are looking for professional video production or video marketing advice or support, contact us today at Oh Video, Manchester.