When it comes to establishing your business and growing your consumer market, building a brand presence is essential. Video marketing is a fantastic way to achieve this. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we work with clients and companies across the UK to set up video marketing campaigns. Often with the goal of improving brand presence. As a result, we have produced this guide to brand presence and video marketing.

brand presence and video marketing

What is brand presence?

Brand presence, or brand awareness, is about getting your company name, product, or service out there. And recognised by potential consumers. How often do you say you might “Google” a question rather than search for it? This is the perfect example of a company that has mastered brand presence.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase brand presence, especially as video consumption continues to rise. In fact, video is the preferred medium for your audience to digest information.

Videos for brand presence

Raising your brand presence via social media, Youtube, or advertising is effective. But what type of video should you use? And which video type will be effective? Here is an overview of some common video types.

Product overview video-
This video type is powerful as it takes your product, and compares it to a similar but inferior product, making your company look like the better option.
Story-telling video-
Use your video to tell the story of your company’s development or why you feel unique. Just look at the recent Budweiser advert telling the story of the founders journey to America. It was certainly compelling and definitely made an imprint on the viewer.
Local partnership videos-
Take a video with the local companies you work with, and show that you really are committed to committed to community. This is a whole lot more powerful than a simply tweet.
Lifestyle videos-
Shoot some footage that takes viewers “backstage”. Everyone wants a backstage pass so show them what its like to work in your company. Show them the office banter and help viewers develop a connection with your company.

In summary

When it comes to establishing your brand, there is a close relationship between brand presence and video marketing. If you want more information, or if you are looking for professional support, contact us today at Oh Video.