Technology is booming in today’s society, we remember the first time we used a 360-Degree Video and it was the “swim with dolphins” one on Facebook, and that was a different experience altogether. It was something we could immerse ourselves in and enjoy it as if we were actually doing it.

Now, imagine you could incorporate this into your business whereby visitors would access this on your website and see for themselves what kind of company you are. The possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to video marketing. You finally have the chance to tell your story, show your vision and your audience can become a part of it themselves.

360 Degree Videos gives people a wider perspective and allows them to become investigative themselves. Our natural instinct is to become better learners, so why not use this to build an environment where viewers can really become engaged.

Statistics have been proven that users prefer to use videos as a source of information as they can find things out for themselves and be entertained at the same time. This will give your website more exposure as they are likely to spread the word about the video and keep coming back. Your video will also stand out against rival companies and competitors and this is what will set you apart from the mainstream market.

These videos are a great way to sell your company as it proves that you are savvy with technology by creating something both educational and entertaining and promotes your company’s assets to the public. Viewers are learning more about you and your brand and for example, if you’re a shop, they are more likely to buy something because of your video as opposed to companies who don’t feature one.

360 Degree Videos are the way forward and are great in terms of marketing, believe!