Producing corporate or commercial video content is a great way to boost your businesses visibility, reach and overall success. Video can increase sales, drive traffic to your website, and help you build a sense of community with your audience. As long as the video is professional and suitable. Otherwise, your video could have the opposite impact. And here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production experts. We work with a range of client around the region to deliver high quality video production, and top notch video marketing solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to avoiding video production mistakes.

Not planning the video

The first video production mistake any company can make is not planning the video. From the plot or story-line, to the dialogue and speech, every aspect of your video should be meticulously planned and thought out. Even if you want to create a testimonial video or an interview, where you cant be sure of the interviewee’s answers, you should still plan.

A video without a plan, might not accurately, or effectively, convey the point you wish to get across. In fact, without planning, you might not be 100% certain about the aim of the video. And different people involved, might have different ideas. A plan at least allows you to consolidate your ideas and map out ways to get your point across. Remember, most of your audience will stop watching after 30 seconds. Some will stop after only 10. So you have to reel them in at the beginning. This is almost impossible without a plan.

Too much information

Overloading the viewers with too much information all at once is never a good idea. And while you might be an expert in your industry, you need to remember that most of the people watching your video, are not. Potential customers want to see your product or service in action, not be talked at in depth. And if you have a lot to cover, you could be better off breaking down your content in smaller, more digestible videos.

Too long

When it comes to avoiding video production mistakes, the length of the video is something many people neglect to consider. And this can be a huge oversight.

The length of your video should depend on it’s purpose and audience. A video to your investors detailing growth and development for example, should be a lot longer than a video designed for your potential customers, on social media. A social media video needs to be less than 2 minutes long, if you really want your audience to watch it and connect with your content. In face, if your video is longer than 30 seconds, you will begin to lose some viewers.

Not enough preparation

Finally, a big video production mistake that can really drag out the actual filming, preparing and editing is a lack of preparation beforehand. If you are not prepared, it will take longer to get the right footage, and this will increase your production costs, as well as your stress levels. Being prepared for the filming, will hep you to get your video right, first time. So you can get back to your day.

For more information, or advice, about avoiding video production mistakes, get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video.