Using animated video content for your video marketing is a clever way to make a potentially dull, explainer video more interesting, but it is also great for sidebar advertisements and showing off your company’s creative spirit. We know that connecting with the audience is ultimately through human interaction, which generally means showing a human on screen, but there is no reason why animation shouldn’t be utilised, and in fact this can be a successful strategy, if it is well planned out.

Planning your video is key to success. Before embarking on creating your masterful animated video, you will need to decide what message your company is aiming for. Is this an informative video demonstrating the latest product or service, or is it a segment of your promotional video? Do you want the whole thing to be animated, or just some aspects of the overall video? All of these things need to be taken into consideration to ensure that your animations will not be wasted or lost in the overall aim or message of the video, and more practically, to cut down production and editing time.

Here at Oh Video we know there are multiple ways to use animation, and here are just some of the possible uses:

Animated Logo

At the start of your video, or perhaps throughout your video in an unobtrusive place, you may want your company logo to appear animated.

The point of an initial animated logo would be to immediately draw attention to the fact that the video had begun to play. If a viewer simply observes a still logo, they may not wait around to watch the rest of the clip, or may not even realise that it is in fact a video, and simply scroll past.

Animated logos in the corner of the whole video are often used to advertise the brand and make people aware of the business name of the promotional video. This can really help people remember your companies name in the hours after the video has finished playing.

Animated headings or transitions

Have a longer video in mind? Are you wanting to explain or inform the users about a range of services? Using animated transitions can really help to keep the viewer watching for longer, and using animated headings is a great way for the viewer to keep track of the topics being covered. It also looks a lot more engaging than the standard or plain format video.


Interacting with the video is probably one of the biggest benefits to animated segments or animated videos in general. Maybe you have a video to advertise a new service, wouldn’t it be great if the user could get the information they want themselves, rather than have to watch the whole video? The only way to do this is to utilise interactivity tools such as buttons, where your viewers can be directed to the segment that is relevant to them personally, and they will love you for it.