Using video for storytelling can be incredibly beneficial for your business. In the current climate of persistent advertising, where video content is pretty much everywhere digitally, it can be impossible for brands and companies to stand out. And do something different. But video storytelling can be the perfect option. And here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts. We work with a wide range of companies and clients to produce professional video content across a variety of genres. And this includes producing emotive videos that can tell a story. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of video storytelling.

Advantages of video storytelling

Using video to tell a story, linked to your company or brand, can have a range of advantages. These include:

  • revealing your company soul
  • building an emotional connection
  • versatility and breadth of use

Revealing your company soul

By creating a company video, you have the opportunity to show your potential customers what lies behind the company. The genuine and real people behind your brand. And perhaps more importantly, video storytelling can unveil the core at the centre of your brand. Or the purpose behind what you do. So when creating a video to tell a story, you need to ditch the sales pitch and marketing message. And instead you need to focus on raising awareness of your brand, and building a connection to your audience.

Building an emotional connection

Your customers, just like all other people in the world, are designed to read faces and body language. Without using video, it is impossible to do this. But video can breach the gap digitally, and reach your customers directly. So they can formulate an opinion about your brand based on the person on screen. This is why video storytelling can be so beneficial. Because telling a story through video allows your brand spokesperson to become far more relatable, and human, than just another sales pitch. A well written story, that reaches customers on an emotional level, will always be more effective if there is a human face to attach to the message. And this face needs to be connected to your brand. And as a result, you will build more consumer trust, and find that more people will be willing to try out your products or services.

Versatility and breadth of use

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of video storytelling is the versatility. From TV adverts, to social media, YouTube and your company website, a storytelling video is equally at home on any platform. And this means that your video can be edited ans re purposed, across different channels. Using tools that will reach your audience most effectively, for each platform. And this can allow your audience to grow and enable you to reach more people. Which ultimately means more sales. Just from one single storytelling video.

For more information about video storytelling, production or marketing, get in touch with Manchester’s leading experts today, here at Oh Video.