At this time of year, many businesses and companies are busier than ever before. And if you want to cash in on this increase of consumer action, you might have considered producing video content, just for the Christmas season. But if you’re a small to medium sized business, should you buy into the hype?  Well, the simple answer is yes! So what are the Advantages of producing festive video content? And will this be lucrative for your company? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing specialists. And we have the tools and skills to help your business succeed with video marketing. In fact, we work with companies around the region, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Stockport and Manchester, to deliver effective, high quality video marketing solutions. This is our guide to everything you should know about producing festive video content.


What are the advantages of producing festive video content?


Succeeding online is all about grabbing your audiences attention, and then directing this attention towards what you have to offer. Whether it’s products to buy, or services to sign up for, your digital success hinges on your ability to increase conversions and grow your business. Seasonal video content can be the perfect option to help you achieve this. Especially as your audience are already thinking about Christmas, and tuned into the Christmas spin of buying gifts, and spending their own Christmas money. So producing and marketing seasonal video content can bring a whole range of advantages. And these include:


  • Grabbing the attention of your audience
  • Generating and driving sales
  • Growing your audience


Grabbing the attention of your audience


For any company to be successful, you have to be relevant to your audience and really draw attention to what you have to offer. This means providing content and products that your audience want to see, or expect to see, and service solutions that are actually useful to your potential market. Part of this relevance involves making changes to keep up with current events. Seasonal content is one of a number of ways to do this, showing that your company keeps up to date.  Essentially, your audience expect seasonal video content, and providing it will help improve your companies image, and give you the opportunity to increase sales.. 


Generating and driving sales


Christmas is a chaotic, panic driven, shopping frenzy. Seasonal video content can enable your company to jump on this bandwagon and generate some of that urgency around your own products or services. Deals or offers that last for a limited time are incredibly useful around this time of year, as people are trying to choose gifts for others, and also choose their own gifts. By creating time sensitive deals, you increase the urgency. This can increase the number of sales, as people are driven to buy before it’s too late! 


Growing your audience


One of the biggest advantages of seasonal video content is that it is incredibly shareable. People love Christmas, and they even love Christmas adverts. Just look at how John Lewis have used this to their advantage. Any company can use this same tactic to produce quality, professional, seasonal video content, and this will result in more social media shares and engagement, as well as an increase in audience. A larger audience means more potential customers.


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