While many small business owners feel that Facebook video is only for large companies, this is not the case. In fact there are many reasons why small businesses should be focusing some of their advertising and marketing attention to Facebook. Here at Oh Video, we work across the region from Warrigton to Leeds and everywhere in between. We provide professional video production and video marketing solutions to a range of clients and customers. This includes small businesses. As a result, we have produced this guide tot he advantages of producing Facebook videos for small business owners.

What are the advantages of producing Facebook videos for small business owners?

There are many benefits to facebook videos, even for the smallest of comapnies. These include:

⦁ being noticed
⦁ automatic play
⦁ built in advertising options

Use Facebook video to get noticed

Using a video specifically created for Facebook will receive a lot more attention than a video shared to the platform. This is because Facebook video content needs to be geared towards facebook users, in length and video style.

In addition, facebook itself favours “native video”, as in video uploaded directly to Facebook. As a result, native videos will be displayed more prominently. This means that the splash screen for the native video is about 5 or 6 times larger than that for a shared video.

Automatic play

Following on from the preferential treatment discussed above, native video will also automatically play on your customers news feed. As a result, more people will watch your video and you can appeal to a larger audience.

However, you should be aware that many people will have their sound muted for just this reason. As a result, you need to make sure that you produce facebook video that will make sense without sound.

Built in advertising options

Finally, there are built in advertising option for native facebook videos. This means that you can boost your video to reach a larger audience, and your video will appear on thousands of peoples timeline, even if they have never liked your page. Of course this has the added benefit of drawing customers to your company, and you can make more sales.

For more information or advice, get i touch with the professionals today, here at Oh Video.