Finding a new angle is a hugely important part of video production and video marketing, and that’s what we excel at here at Oh Video in Manchester. One such new angle is using drones to capture aerial commercial video footage. This is a fantastic way to mix up your filming and make the most of the space and height you have available. Working across the North, from Leeds to Stockport, we are video production and video marketing experts, and this includes drones. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of drone commercial video footage.

First of all, what is drone video footage?

Shot on the move from a remote controlled drone, drone video footage is a cutting edge way to offer more to your website visitors and social media followers.

Drone video footage is usually filmed at height, to offer an aerial view, but it doesn’t have to be. There is no reason why an experienced drone pilot cannot hover at head height, as well as ground level, to change up the shots while filming, and really add a different dynamic to your commercial video footage.

What are the advantages of drone commercial video footage?

There are a huge number of advantages of drone commercial video footage, especially for small to medium businesses looking to grow. These advantages include:

Offering something totally different
Many companies currently offer video footage on their websites, and social media is becoming full of video content in one context or another. As a result, potential customers need something new and exciting to get their attention and keep them watching. Drone commercial video footage can be just the thing.
Discovering brand new angles
Do you have a factory space, or a large warehouse? These may be the backbone of your business but in general, they aren’t all that interesting to look at. Until you fly a drone through them! With some quirky angles, upside down shots and even loops, drone footage can even make a warehouse look interesting. Original content is always appreciated!
Drone footage is incredibly sharable. In fact, anytime you do something new, original or interesting with your video footage, it’s guaranteed to grab attention. Once you have the attention, the viewer is far more likely to share your footage with their followers. This follows a pattern, boosting awareness of your brand and website traffic all the while.

For more great ideas for video production and marketing, or if you need professional support, get in touch today here at Oh Video, Manchester.