When it comes to producing video content for your company, it doesn’t always have to be focused on your website, or building your digital empire. Training videos have long been a successful part of corporate life. And producing an effective training video actually has a wide range of benefits. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts. And we work with businesses around the region to provide top quality video solutions. This includes training videos. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of corporate training videos.

Corporate training videos

Corporate training videos have long been used to teach new staff about their job role, or as part of staff professional development. It’s a great way to keep staff on the same page, and make sure all staff have the same training. And this can lead to a cohesive workforce that all pull together. But while there are many advantages of using corporate videos, they do need to be kept up to date and relevant to the viewer. So even if the job role hasn’t changed since the eighties, you need training videos that your new employees can actually connect with. Otherwise most of the advantages will be lost.

Advantages of corporate training videos

There are many advantages of corporate training videos, including:

  • staff engagement
  • low training costs
  • scenario role-plays

Staff engagement

Video is far more likely to capture the attention of your staff than a text based document. In fact, just from watching a simple training video, your staff could retain up to 95% of the message. And when you compare this to just 10% from a written document, it’s obvious that video content is a clear winner.

From YouTube to social media, video is a common part of everyone’s day. Including your staff. And this means that they will be much more receptive to your staff training video, because they already enjoy this method of communication.

However, it is important that your training videos are up to date, and professionally produced to a high standard. Otherwise your viewers will switch off.

Low training costs

One of the biggest advantages of corporate training videos, is that once you have produced a good quality video, you can train your entire team. This means that with video training there will be no associated travel costs, or loss of company time. Because your employees can access the video whenever they need to, and wherever they are. So producing professional video for training purposes, could save you money in the long run.


When people start a new job, the range of possible scenarios can be overwhelming. And knowing how to respond in a variety of situations is a great skill for your employees to have. And for your business. With video training, your employees can see various scenarios as they play out, and pick up techniques and skills to handle all scenarios.

However, for this type of video it is essential that the scenarios are well acted, and planned out. Otherwise your employees could pick up mixed signals or mixed messages.

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