Animated video content is becoming more widespread and popular. From Facebook advertising, to banner advertisements, companies and businesses are opting for animated video content. But why is animation growing in popularity? And can it really help businesses succeed? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester based video production and marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of animated commercial video content.

advantages of animated commercial video content

1. It can simplify your complicated products or services

If someone sat in front of a camera and tried to explain cloud based technologies, for example, the result wouldn’t make a great commercial video. This is because the idea is too complicated to be verbalized only, and people need visuals to accompany a complicated idea.

However, animation can be used to simply “show” people using images and text. It is a great way to take a complicated idea and turn it into something easily understood. Especially when words would not be enough.

2. Styling and branding is easy with animation

Animation provides an opportunity for companies and businesses to develop and express their branding. No matter which industry you are involved in, from plumbing to pharmaceuticals, animation can allow you to express your brand. With clean lines, professional colour schemes, and good imagery, animation can be an excellent choice.

3. Step by Step services and processes can be explained

Another of the advantages of animated commercial video content is the ease of explaining step by step processes. Unlike a specific product, such as the latest trainers, which need to be shown off visually, services offered by companies can be explained and explored clearly with animated video content.

4. Easy to make changes to animated content

Finally, animated content can be much easier to change and alter in the future, when compared to live action content. If part of the information needs to be altered or changed, live action video footage would need to be fully recreated. However, animated video content can simply be edited. This can be a cheaper and quicker option for companies.

In summary

There are many advantages of animated commercial video content including the ease of editing, the quality of explanations, and the clear branding that can be applied. If you want to create fantastic and professional animated content for your company or business, contact the professionals at Oh Video today. Or why not pop in and see us in our Manchester based studio, just off Oxford Road.