You may already know this, but video is one of the most effective tools available – and it’s affordable enough for your business to take full advantage of. Every day, more and more companies are adding videos to their websites and are rolling in the benefits that video has to offer. The benefits range from increasing sales to beating your competition. Take a look below at are top 5 reasons why your website should have a video!

Boost Sales

This is possibly the number one reason why companies include a video on their website. Increasing your sales should be your top priority as studies have shown a 144% increase in their sales due to having a video on their site.

Increases Engagement

So, if you’ve got lots of people visiting your site on a daily basis but they’re not staying for very long, then we need to do something to fix that don’t we? Statistics have shown that videos make people stay 88% longer than they would normally because they engage your viewer. It’s an easy way to provide them with the content they want to see!

Easy to explain what you do!

If we had a pound for every time we visited a site that didn’t explain their purpose, we’d own an island…each. It’s alright if you know what you do and who you are, but most of these people have never heard of you so a video is a great way to explain all of that. It’s better than reading large chunks of text as your visitors will get bored and leave, videos leave them feel engaged and satisfied!

Adds Value

A video is a unique way to create a brand. It shows you have personality and adds value to your services. It also lets your customers interact with you on a personal level and have a better understanding of what you stand for. With customers feeling a sense of trust, they are more likely to purchase your products.

Stand Out

A video is what makes you stand out from all the rest. And if you’re battling with the competition, then what other way to get the one up by adding a website video. They’re unique, easy to understand and so, so far from boring!