Online video marketing is a fast growing industry, that is only set to continue growing. But how can your business make the most of online video and what are the key facts? Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to 5 facts about online video marketing.

Fact 1- Video marketing supports branding

Once you have created an effective video, in any style, you can reuse the same video content and share via social media or YouTube for effective distribution. Using the same content on all sites may seem lazy, but actually it supports branding. People that see your videos will come to recognise your company name and logo. This recognition helps prove that your company is reliable and trustworthy. As a result, people are more likely to convert to customers.

Fact 2- Video marketing supports a multi-platform approach

Not only can your same video be used across different channels to promote brand awareness, it can also be viewed on a range of platforms and devices. Online video content can be viewed on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, if it is optimised correctly. This means that you will be able to target a larger audience, with a wider range of specifics.

Fact 3- Video crosses demographic boundaries

It used to be presumed that online video content would only be viewed by Generation Y or Z, but that claim is false. Video advertisements on platforms like Instagram for example, are reaching a huge range of potential customers. Social media is breaking boundaries between age categories. Video advertising is the perfect way to make the most of this.

Fact 4- Video marketing yields results

Adding video content to the homepage of your website can greatly improve your conversion ratio. At the same time, video in email improves click through rates and consumer responses. As a result, it is evident that video marketing is successful at attracting and converting customers.

Fact 5- Oh Video are video marketing experts!

In summary

There are many more than 5 facts about online video marketing. If you were sitting on the fence, we hope the above four facts have convinced you of the need for video marketing to boost your business. If you need more help or advice, or would like support with your own video marketing, contact the experts at Oh Video today.