The move away from textual content to video is a slow one. However, it has no doubt already begun. Companies and businesses, just like yours, are making use of video to connect with their audience. But how can you be sure of success? Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing experts and this is our guide to to the 4 steps to video marketing success.

1. Be original and creative

You video message is likely to be white noise to potential consumers, already saturated with content and advertisements. Realising this is one of the first steps towards video marketing success.

Being creative is the perfect way to stand out of the crowd. Marketing and advertising methods and tricks have been numbing your consumers for years. Make something different. Be creative. Break the expectations.

2. Easy to access and watch

Thankfully, the days of difficulty accessing video through mobile content have gone. Your consumers no longer have to rely on buffering speeds or endless load times. Instead, watching video on a mobile device is now easier than ever. As a result, many people watch videos from mobile devices, often on the move. For this reason, your video must be easy to consume. Aim for a video length of less than 3 minutes.

3. Be genuine and authentic

Overselling, exaggeration, and hyperbole make consumers turn off. If you want to stand out from the rest of the video marketers out there, you’ll need to be authentic. Be genuine and real. You consumers will respond more positively towards your company.

5. Optimized for sharing

With the increasing use of mobile devices to watch video content, people are also increasingly sharing this content with one another through social media. As a result, your video content needs to be optimized for sharing.

4 steps to video marketing success

In summary

Video content is only set to increase. If you want your company to remain competitive in the digital age, you will need to be on board with video marketing. Contact the professionals at Oh Video today, for all your video marketing needs.