So, you already have a great responsive and user friendly website which ranks number 1 on Google? That’s great! And you’re already growing your web presence via your blog, and you’re making great progress growing your social network audiences? Well done you!

So, do you even need video? Here’s 4 reasons why you should have video on your website and social platforms:

  1. Internet experts have carried out studies which suggest that watching a 60 second video online, equates to a whopping equivalent to reading 1.8 million words!  We know!  Thats what we thought!  But when you consider how long it would take to write in text format every single detail that you saw in a video – from descriptions of body language, to tone and pace of voice, how trustworthy a subject seems and so on – it starts to make sense.
  2. Every day, 5 centuries worth of video is watched on Facebook alone.  Yep, that’s 500 earth years of video, just on Facebook.
  3. Twitter users share 700 YouTube videos every minute.
  4. Your prospects spend an awful lot of time watching and sharing video online.  With a huge 88% of UK residents being frequent internet users, spending on average 68 hours per month online.

It’s safe to say then that internet video has been well and truly embraced by your potential customers.  If you already have a digital presence of any kind, be it a website, a blog, a social network page or online shop, there is no doubt that a well placed, well thought out professional video will add significant value to your online marketing endeavours.

On top of all that, since video is digital, you can use it pretty much anywhere online.  A single video could be placed on every page of your website, helping to build trust and loyalty wherever your visitor may be on your site, on all of your social networks, even linked to your email signature!

And the benefits go on and on.  Did you know that the way in which a person behaves whilst on your website is one of the key signals to a search engine such as Google, about how relevant or interesting your site was relative to their search term?  Well it is.  Keeping your visitors on your website by engaging them via video is therefor excellent for your general search engine rankings.

So, if you are based in Manchester, Stockport or the North West and you’re considering video for your digital marketing campaigns, feel free to check out our reviews, find out how our video services work or look at our showreel.