In this day and age, it’s no secret that people love using filters to enhance the pictures they take on their phone so they can generate more likes when they upload it to social media. It’s a great way to catch people’s attention – especially customers.

It is vital for marketers and bloggers to create compelling images for their audience to see, and while it’s worth spending money on editing software, sometimes it’s better and much easier to invent in software that’s either free, or only costs less than a fiver.

VSCO Cam (Photo Editing) Free

This app is known for having extra editing tools that most apps on the market and it’s 15 seconds of fame is the filters.

The filters mainly have more of a softer and authentic look and feel about them, and it resembles realism rather than the over saturated filters of Instagram.

Mextures (Photo Editing) £1.39

This is a more advanced app for photo editing as it allows you to pile different layers one on of each other and edit them individually. You can also apply multiple textures and filters on the same photo and basically have limitless creativity.

Hyperlapse (Video Editing) Free

Hyperlapse allows you to condense videos that you can then upload to Facebook and Instagram. You can choose the speed in which you want your video to go at and the app will also show you how long the video will be in comparison to what it originally was, for example, a 40 second video will become a 7 second video. It’s a great app to entertain your followers with.

PicPlayPost (Video Editing) Free

This is an app that allows you to create a video collage, rather than sticking to a photo collage. You can use this for all sorts of purposes for example, if you do tutorials in makeup, one side of the video could be you demonstrating it, and the other explaining what you’re doing in terms of products, brushes and techniques!