Engaging the audience and encouraging interactivity, 360 videos are becoming increasingly popular. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter giving access to 360 video content, it is becoming a key way to interact with your audience. Here at Oh Video, we are always on top of the latest trends, and this is our guide to 360 videos.

The stats

Statistics have shown that 360 videos are a brilliant way to engage with your companies online community and boost sales. Some key statistics include:

So, what are 360 degree videos?

360 degree videos are completely immersive. You audience is in control of the camera and can move it in any direction. This means that the audience has more control over what they can see. Simply tilting a smart phone or tablet can change the direction of the camera, while moving the mouse on the computer has the same effect. Virtual reality systems can also be used to view 360 videos, and in this case the viewer simply moves their head to change the view. This provides the ultimate level of realism for your audience.

How could your company make the most of 360 videos?

360 videos can be used as a replacement for a range of videos you may normally produce. This includes:

  • Tours of the office or work environment
  • 360 degree view of a latest product
  • Service in action video
  • Before and after videos

In summary

360 videos are available across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies that have used 360 degree videos have witnessed an increase in engagement and sales, and would use 360 videos again. Allowing your user to become immersed in the video, 360 video content is becoming increasingly popular. It is our professional opinion, that any business with an online presence would benefit from a 360 video. Why not contact us at Oh Video today?