Becoming ever more popular, the 360 degree video craze is taking video marketing to the next level. Many companies such as Hilton, Rolls Royce and Formula E are using 360 degree videos to sell products, engage with viewers and maximize the video potential. However, it is not all plain sailing. Here are some tips to help you get started with your 360 video marketing.


Unlike a traditional video or storyline concept, the purpose of a 360 video is to immerse the viewer in an experience where they have control over what they can see. The viewer can control what they see by tilting and moving the camera angle themselves, so in terms of marketing, you need to be aware of the whole spherical picture and be aiming to sell with each view. This does make it perfect for showcasing hotels, cars, or even a news event as Euronews has recently proved.

Cost and Time

As with most new or upcoming technologies the cost for producing 360 degree video footage is higher than that for ordinary videos. You will need to purchase a new camera, or a rig of multiple cameras, or even just an accessory for an existing smart phone, but whatever you choose it will be an additional business cost. Also, if you work as part of team, the increase in production time and editing time can play havoc with your schedules. Just something to bear in mind.


360 degree videos are becoming hugely popular thanks to support from Youtube and Facebook, alongside the growing developments in the VR field. Although 360 degree videos can become fully immersive with the use of a virtual reality headset, your audience is not limited to those who have access to VR, as 360 degree videos are playable on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, so the opportunity to collect viewers is huge. At the same time, 360 videos are still new and interesting enough to be viewed by an audience who may not even be looking for what you are selling, greatly maximising your chances of making a sale.

Overall, it looks like VR is here to stay and 360 degree videos can help keep your company up to date, relevant and interesting.